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IV&V Management and Support

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As independent stakeholders in the development process, TestPros goal is not to change the integration process, but instead to build oversight and stability around it. The TestPros team is responsible for Program Management and the rigorous Independent Validation and Verification oversight of numerous IT projects and programs, spanning new development and ongoing maintenance.

While many organizations may be aware of the need to support IT system/software engineering, a surprising number never assess supporting documentation. TestPros understands the relationship of the Statement of Need, Project Management Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, and Configuration, Management Plan to the success of the engineering and development effort.


TestPros’ overall management approach focuses on being responsive to our clients and providing a stable management team with the experience needed to fulfill the organizations’ support contract requirements. Our management practices ensure that our project staff receive all necessary administrative, budgetary, logistical, and professional support to ensure smooth, quality operations. Some of the responsibilities include: Review and analysis of various ‘development contractor’ schedules, cost, development processes, and deliverables/artifacts to ensure compliance with government requirements.  Our reviews followed the most appropriate and applicable Independent Validation and Verification standards and processes from the IEEE (1012-2004), the NIST SP 500-234 Independent Validation and Verification recommended processes, and other industry and military guidance.


TestPros has seen many benefits of working directly with our customers on management and support, which all correlates to a smoother run organization. Oversight of the management team leads to better documentation, stricter adherence to process, and application development more closely adhering to schedule. All of this saves the organization money, and ultimately speeds up the release process while raising confidence in quality.


  • HHS/CMS Web Quality Control
  • DHS Customs & Border Protection, IVV&T
  • DHS, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)


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