Independent Validation and Verification

System Engineering


System requirements are the foundation of system/software development, yet inadequate attention may be paid to verifying the quality of the requirements prior to designing the implementation of the system/software. A thorough evaluation of the system requirements mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements. Throughout the engineering process, TestPros provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product.


When possible, TestPros takes a facilitated Independent Validation and Verification System approach. Rather than having the wall between Independent Validation and Verification System and the development teams with traditional Independent Validation and Verification System tactics, TestPros likes to embed resources within the development group at all levels, to gather as much real-time data as possible. By being constantly involved, the Independent Validation and Verification System team can more easily review the development and testing processes and techniques. They can then provide feedback to the team(s) on how they can improve. TestPros also supports developing integrated Definition of Dones, which include Independent Validation and Verification System review, further eliminating the separation of the two groups, but keeping a strict oversight and independent relationship. This simple addition ensures Independent Validation and Verification System is involved in all stages of the Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC), as this involves requirements, design, development and testing efforts to be all reviewed and understood.


While embedding our team into the integration process seems defy the “independence” of Independent Validation and Verification System, doing so offers several benefits, especially in an Agile environment. With Independent Validation and Verification System team members continuously reviewing software requirements, tests, and processes throughout the development process, your organization will realize shorter software release cycles between sprints. Similarly, embedding Independent Validation and Verification System team members into the process will help the management identify SDLC control points and use those to gather data and review the accuracy, consistency, and traceability of product documentation.


  • HHS/CMS Web Quality Control
  • DHS Customs & Border Protection, IVV&T
  • DHS, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)

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