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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, supplying qualified, cleared, temporary help to government contractors is a significant part of our business.

You have multiple options. First, you could persuade your security team to let us in through the firewall. Alternatively, we could come to your site, use your machines, and script and execute a test sequence. We could also set up a web server in our Test Lab that mirrors your environment, and test from there.

TestPros provides independent testing and assessment for a wide variety of testing needs, including: functional integrity, test automation and test automation frameworks, security, compliance (Section 508 and DHS Accessibility, FISMA and/or FedRAMP security, HIPAA Privacy, SOX, etc.), software assurance (independent source code review), load/scalability, etc.  

We also support all of the testing lifecycle events such as Unit, Functional, Performance, Compliance, User Acceptance, Integration, etc, and development methods such as classic waterfall and modern Iterative/Agile.

Now! Performance remediation at the back end of the design cycle is a costly proposition. If you are concerned with performance and/or compliance, then building quality into the application at the design phase, along with frequent testing, will save you lots of trouble at the end.

Sadly, many organizations wait until the end of the development cycle to worry about testing. As a result, we often give bad news to our customers. Engage us in the design phase. We can help you put together a test plan that will help you meet your performance goals. We can help you develop your performance specification, and we can break it down into a spec for each functional tier. We can build, or help you build a set of performance tests that your programmers can use to check their work.

Independent testing brings great value to an Agile environment, and we can help. We can embed skilled testers in your development team who know how to use the latest technologies to automate and optimize testing cycles, and develop test automation frameworks so your team can execute many tests themselves without the need to become experts in a specific testing tool. We provide integration and performance testing to independently verify that everything the development team does comes together effectively.

Yes. We do Platform Testing to make sure applications work across the variety of devices in use today. We have archived all of the Microsoft Windows releases. We even keep some obsolete PCs to test with the older versions of Windows. We do this kind of testing often.

While these technologies are very useful, unfortunately, no tool exists that will generate an executable script for a load testing tool. Typically, such an application runs on a workstation, and fetches information from a server via RMI/COM/CORBA.

To stress test the server, one has to isolate the remote calls (which affect the server) and construct a program that will duplicate the remote calls made in the course of a scenario. That includes so called “think times.” In addition, one has to be able to replicate this program to have hundreds of threads executing concurrently.

In short, such programs are hard to stress test. TestPros has done so successfully in the past, but be forewarned that it is a costly process that requires considerable programming effort.

Good idea. In fact we will be happy to help you come up to speed. Just realize that these tools are sophisticated, and often require intense effort to master. Scripting tests for all but the simplest of systems requires programming, so you will have to dedicate at least one full time engineer to the effort of mastering and using the tool. The most popular functional testing, load testing, compliance testing, and security testing tools have a high cost.

Talk to us – you might save a fair amount of money and save time by engaging TestPros.

Great! You are going to manage and staff your own QA effort. That is fine, as long as you do not expect your developer to do much development. Does your developer know much about QA? It is somewhat deceptive in that it looks easy, but gets complicated quickly. As far as temporary testers go, your developer might find himself or herself spending a lot of time training.

Our rates of course depend on the job. Tell us about the job and let us bid on it. If we do not think we can do it in a cost-effective manner, we will tell you so.

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