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Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2020

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TestPros is excited to announce that Max Saperstone has been accepted to talk to the Test Automation and Digital QA Summit of Washington DC. Only 8 speakers were selected for the Summit, and Max will be giving a new talk “Test Like A Scientist”. Max will be discussing the scientific method, and how to use it to drive your testing strategy and plan. Because the stages of the scientific method align well with activities that testers should be performing, all testers should (and maybe even unwittingly do) follow this basic outline to create, execute, and evaluate their testing. Max will walk through these stages, expanding on each one, talking a bit about the scientific side and how it relates to testing, and illuminating the activities that can be drawn from each. Discuss the benefits to following a more rigorous process like the scientific method: improved quality, confidence in what was tested, and assurance that it was tested properly.


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