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GSA Awards TestPros Cyber Security SINS

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The General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded TestPros authority to provide cyber services under new Cyber Security special item numbers (SINS) in the agency’s IT Schedule 70 contract vehicle. TestPros will provide federal, state, and local government penetration testing and risk and vulnerability services through the “highly adaptive” cybersecurity service SINS.

TestPros has passed GSA’s rigorous written and oral review boards for the new cybersecurity Special Item Numbers (SINS), which includes: Penetration Testing (SIN 132-45A), and Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (SIN 132-45D).

The HACS SINs feature high quality cybersecurity vendors offering federal, state, and local governments the following services:

• 132-45A Penetration Testing is security testing in which assessors mimic real-world attacks to identify methods for circumventing the security features of an application, system, or network.

• 132-45D Risk and Vulnerability Assessment conduct assessments of threats and vulnerabilities, determines deviations from acceptable configurations, enterprise or local policy, assesses the level of risk, and develops and/or recommends appropriate mitigation countermeasures in operational and non-operational situations.

TestPros has provided these services to government and commercial businesses since its inception in 1988. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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