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TestPros was awarded the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks” (eFAST) Prime Contract.  eFAST is a set-aside for small businesses.

This Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) is available for use by the FAA, and on a limited basis and when in the best interest of the Government, by all federal government agencies.  This MOA functions as a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide a broad range of technical, professional and support services.

Contract Name: FAA eFAST
Contract Number: GSA Federal Supply Schedule: 47QTCA19D00G9

Sponsor: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Contract Expiration Date: 12/2029
Type of TO’s: Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials (T&M), Labor-Hour (L-H), and Firm-Fixed Price (FFP)


Functional Areas (Scope):

Functional Area / Scope

Functions/Activities/Business Areas

Business Administration & Management (BAM)

Accounting/Budgeting/Finance, Acquisition/Procurement, Administrative Management, General Management, Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Process Analysis, Application Content Management, Office Management, Training, Developing Training Materials, Graphic Artist Services

Engineering Services (ES)

Systems Engineering, System Analysis, Specialty Engineering, System Security, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Test, Acoustical, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Astrophysics, Chemical, Civil, Combustion, Communications, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Erosion Control, Geological, Geophysical, Heating, Human Factors, Hydraulics, Industrial, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marine, Mechanical, Nuclear, Operations Research, Developing Training Materials, Air Traffic Operations Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Safety System Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Management Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Operations Training, Air Traffic Safety System Training, Air Traffic Management Training, Training

Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD)

Information Analysis/Business Intelligence, Database Analysis/ Design/Development, Computer Program, Analysis/Design/Development, Computer System

Analysis/Design/Development, Web Site

Analysis/Design/Development, Graphic Design,

Computer System Server Analysis/Design/Test, Developing Training Materials, Training, Information Assurance Analysis/Test, Enterprise Architecture, Information

Computer Systems Support (CSS)

Technology Systems Architecture, Network Analysis/Design/Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Graphic Design

Documentation & Training (D&T)

Analyze/Prepare/Edit Technical Documentation, Analyze/Prepare/Edit Business Documentation, Analyze/Prepare/Edit/Deliver Training, Analyze/Prepare/Edit/Deliver Computer Based Training


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