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Section 508 Compliance Services

Ensure your digital content is accessible to all with our Section 508 compliance expertise.

About Our Section 508 Compliance Services

Our Section 508 services ensure that your digital content complies with the latest accessibility standards, including Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, ICT accessibility requirements, and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We cater to federal agencies and organizations seeking to make their information and communication technology (ICT) accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. Our expert team is dedicated to providing thorough audits, effective remediation services, and insightful consulting to meet all Section 508 requirements.

Types of Services

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Types of Section 508 Compliance Services

Our services help you navigate the path to Section 508 compliance. We offer audits to evaluate your situation, remediation to fix gaps in compliance, and consulting to walk you through each step in the process. 



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TestPros provides Information Technology (IT) support services to a wide range of commercial and U.S. Federal, State, and Local Government customers. Established in 1988, our services are based on trust, quality, efficiency, and innovation to drive the mission of our customers. In the realm of information systems, we prioritize risk assessments and risk management to ensure business continuity.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

We would first have a detailed discussion with your program manager to understand your specific compliance goals. For example, a federal agency may wish to ensure that their public-facing website meets section 508 standards to avoid legal hassles.


Compliance Assessment

Our team audits your digital content—the website, PDF documents, and multimedia files. For instance, we may find that a website’s navigation menu can’t be navigated using a screen reader.


Detailed Reporting

We will also provide a detailed report with very specific findings and examples of non-compliance, as well as prioritized recommendations. For example, it might state that your PDF files are untagged and recommend you tag them to meet Section 508 requirements.


Remediation Planning

We use the audit and report to create a customized plan of action. This plan outlines concrete actions including but not limited to adding alt text to images, keyboard accessible for all interactive elements, and updating PDF files to be accessible.



Execute the remediation plan with your IT and content teams. Work with web developers in remediating WCAG 2.0 compliance issues of web content.


Testing, Verification, & Ongoing Support

We conduct rigorous testing through the use of automated tools and manual reviews to ensure all problems are fixed. We test accessibility with actual screen readers and other assistive technologies. Lastly we provide continuous support through periodic audits and updates for ongoing compliance with any new content or changes in standards.

Trusted Clients

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Key Benefits of Our Services

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Regulatory Compliance

Meeting national standards on accessibility, as required under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, means that you will be less likely to face lawsuits. For example, a federal agency that ensures its information and communication technology conforms to Section 508 requirements will enable avoidance of litigation and penalties.

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Government Contracts

Section 508 compliance can help pave the way for opportunities to sell products to government agencies as well as state and local governments, thereby expanding your market and increasing potential revenue.

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Time and Money

Not only do we save you time through this most efficient process honed by decades of experience, but we also save you money—from the first ring to project completion.

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Enhanced Accessibility

A government website, for example, designed with forms that are accessible, will facilitate the independence of a visually impaired user to fill in and submit relevant documents unassisted through the use of a screen reader.

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Positive Public Image

Shows your commitment to being accessible and inclusive as a business. A company that markets its accessibility compliance will be able to attract a wider customer base and have good PR within the community.

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Improved User Experience

A better experience across the board, with better engagement and satisfaction. For instance, an educational institution where online materials for all its courses are available has put in place measures that promote equal learning experiences for every student, including students with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Section 508 compliance services?

Price depends on the scope and complexity of your project. Please contact us for a specific quote.

Timing can vary based on the scope of your compliance needs. We’ll be able to provide a more accurate timeline during our first consultation with you.

Any and all digital content, including websites, documents, and multimedia, must meet Section 508 compliance standards.

Yes, support is an ongoing service to ensure continued compliance and resolution of any new accessibility issues that may crop up.
Yes, we can. We have well-prepared, highly personalized training programs where we can help train your employees on Section 508 compliance.

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