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DOJ Sets New Standard for Digital Accessibility

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Out for public view, the rule from the Department of Justice will require state and local governments to make their web content and mobile apps accessible to people with disabilities. This change supersedes the existing default level of compliance for WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements stipulated under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

That means every single government digital platform, from those in special districts to those of authorities as big as State/County/City governments, public authorities, and other entities such as Amtrak and commuter, will now have to make sure the services, programs, and activities they provide are accessible to all, including those in the digital space.

However, the rule provides for a few exceptions from a full level of compliance, such as archived content or unmodified preexisting documents. Importantly, these entities may adopt higher or equivalent standards when assuring equal or greater accessibility.

The staged compliance timeline, based on the size of the entity, with deadlines set out on April 24, 2026, or April 26, 2027, leaves sufficient breathing space for thoughtful planning and implementation of necessary upgrades. We at TestPros understand the importance of new regulatory requirements for the inclusion of digital access and are prepared to help all our clients meet them. Our team takes the ultimate stand to assure not only compliance but also the access of all to your digital platforms for the ultimate user experience and engagement.

Let us emphasize digital accessibility together!

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