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2020’s QA or the Highway

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TestPros is excited to have had Max Saperstone attend QA or the Highway in Columbus Ohio. Max was one of 30 session speakers to discuss topics on QA, and was excited to share a case study on Continuous Testing. Max told the story of how a healthcare company striving to get to continuous releases built up their automation to secure confidence in regular releases. As no test automation existed, Max talked about how he was able to take a greenfield test automation opportunity, and in the span of 12 months, develop over 2000 test cases. He created a testing pipeline to verify the integrity of the automated test cases, and to build docker containers for simple execution of the tests. These containers were then re-used by developers and the DevOps team to verify the application. Max walked through the feedback loop created, which allowed verification of the application go from hours to minutes.

Max discussed what processes and paths were taken to achieve continuous testing on this project. He covered the tools used and why they were chosen, however, he mainly focused on the HOW and WHY certain patterns and activities were performed. These choices were critical to achieving continuous testing, rather than just good testing coverage in CI or CD, even allowing a push left for performance and security. Additionally, he spent some time talking about the organizational and culture changes that occurred, and how he was able to accomplish this push for adoption in an organization that resisted automation, and had major quality problems.


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