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TestPros is a managing member of the GSA Alliant SB CTA, LLC (ASC), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Joint Venture (JV) formed to provide a full range of IT services to government clients.

Alliant SB, GSA’s premier small business set-aside GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of industry partners. With a $15 billion program ceiling and a five-year base period with one five-year option, Alliant SB allows for long-term planning of large-scale program requirements, while strengthening opportunities for small businesses.

Alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture (DoDEA) enables Alliant SB to evolve over time as technologies change without requiring a technical refresh. It conforms to Office of Management and Budget policy mandates for reporting on IT investments, and provides the following features:

  • You control and guide the entire procurement with delegation of procurement authority (DPA) and training from GSA
  • 100% Small Business Credit
  • Economy Act does not apply
  • Easy to use with broad scope of IT services
  • Avoids bundling concerns
  • Limits award protests
  • Open to all federal branches and agencies and supports all order types (FFP, Cost Plus, T&M, or Labor Hour)
  • Complimentary scope-compatibility reviews
  • Low 0.75 percent contract access fee

Contract Name: Alliant Small Business (Alliant SB)  
Contract Number: GS-06F-0601Z
Sponsor: General Services Administration (GSA)
Contract Expiration Date: February 2, 2019
Type of TOs: Alliant Small Business features fixed-price, cost-reimbursement, labor-hour, and time-and-materials task order types, providing greater flexibility in procuring different types of IT products and services and meeting your mission requirements.

Basic Contract Scope:

Primary service areas include:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Service Access and Managed Services Delivery
  • Service Interface and Integration
  • Application Services
  • Customer Services
  • Content Management
  • Back Office Services
  • Security Management and Support Services
  • Mission Area Support
  • Legacy System Enhancement & Migration

Please see fore additional details.

TestPros Points of Contact:


Kevin Murray, Telephone: 703-298-4695, Email: [email protected]


Kevin Murray, Telephone: 703-298-4695, Email: [email protected]


Kevin Murray, Telephone: 703-298-4695, Email: [email protected]


Kevin Murray, Telephone: 703-298-4695, Email: [email protected]


Kevin Murray, Telephone: 703-298-4695, Email: [email protected]

The ASC JV Team

– Cyberdata Technologies, Inc. (EDWOSB)
– Ian, Evan, & Alexander Corporation (SDVOSB)
– New River Systems, Inc. (SDVOSB)
– Serrano IT Services, LLC (SDVOSB)
– TestPros, Inc. (SB)
– Intrepid Solutions and Services, Inc. (SB)
– MIRATEK Corporation (8A, HUB, SBE)
– POD, Inc. (SB)
– Busenich Muir & Associates, LLC (SDVOSB)
– Buchanan & Edwards, Inc. (VOSB)
– Edgesource Corporation (SB)
– High Prairie Services, LLC (SDVOSB)
– Open Technology Group, Inc. (SB)
– Customer Value Partners, Inc. (SDB)
– C4 Planning Solutions, LLC (SDVOSB)
– Quarksoft USA, LLC (SDB)
– Sherman Consulting, Inc. (8a)
– Select Engineering Services (SB)

Quality Assurance Program

It is the policy of TestPros to implement a Quality Management Program (QMP) on all of our contracts to ensure technical products and services meet the agreed upon requirements and expectations of our customers. We are fully committed to delivering high-quality services and products on schedule and within budget. The TestPros Quality Management Program will be implemented through the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). The TestPros QAP is based on the following key concepts:

  • Quality Management is an active, rather than passive, endeavor. Implementation of, and compliance with, quality processes are the shared responsibility of all TestPros and TestPros Team personnel.
  • A Quality Manager, organizationally independent of the client management structure, ensures objectivity in assessing and reporting all quality related aspects of the contract.
  • The QMP fully supports the quality/process improvement goals of the client and TestPros.
  • Quality is designed into products using defined processes, and reviewed/updated regularly.
  • The QAP will be consistent with client’s SDLC, standards, procedures, and processes.

Project Managers, working with the Quality Manager and using the contract QAP as the baseline, will develop a TO-level QAP clearly documenting quality metrics and the process through which quality control will be delivered to the project.

For information regarding TestPros’ Quality Assurance Program, please contact TestPros Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Manager.


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