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Software Application Tuning Services

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Our Software Application Tuning and Optimization Analysis service is performed by certified testing professionals that pinpoint the causes of performance slowdowns and enables resolution of poor web-based application performance. It provides real answers to determine what changes must be made to provide the greatest improvement in end user response times. The service is usually performed any time after the launch of a web-based system to identify the root cause of performance issues.


Our testing experts examine live transactions occurring simultaneously from the user and server perspective. Using multiple viewpoints of the transactions, our experts will precisely segment the transactions into client, server and network time elapsed thereby providing you indispensable information when trying to determine where performance slowdowns really occur. With TestPros Tuning and Optimization Analysis, clients receive a complete analysis of your existing system’s performance.


TestPros conducts a complete tuning and optimization analysis in as little as one day.  We identify the detailed performance of  functions/calls/queries to determine:

  • Whether the PC/end user device, network, server, or application is causing a performance slowdown
  • What changes will provide the most improvement to user response times — more bandwidth, load balancing/location of web servers, tuning the application or more CPU power
  • Which application calls or database queries are taking too long
  • Recommendations and suggestions on the application’s performance improvement from by e-commerce testing experts who have tested hundreds of web sites.


We provide a summary report with recommendations performance that includes the following:

  • Detailed transactional analysis (thread analysis) of all application requests and responses and overlaying network routing
  • Bounce diagram of the system/web site’s application showing the actual transaction path and associated processing times
  • Graphical charts and diagrams representing your systems performance
  • A graphical picture of your most troublesome areas allowing your development staff a quick picture of where your trouble spots may be


  • Peace of mind in knowing that your web application is performing in the optimum manner
  • Quick identification of all the poor response time portions of your web site/web application
  • Reduced time spent on constant “debugging” and trial and error changes to the application to improve performance
  • Confidence in knowing that your application is performing at the optimum conditions necessary for appropriate use on the web


TestPros has helped many customers enhance the performance of their online web-based applications to ensure that these applications will perform well even under the stress of heavy usages and peak users periods.  Our diagnosis and tuning has helped scale applications and their underlying infrastructure to prevent slow downs and outright failures during peak user load.


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