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Max Saperstone Interview with Moolya on Leadership in Testing

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Max Saperstone, TestPros’ VP of Testing Solutions, recently got the chance to sit down with Moolya and chat about leadership in testing. He shared some of his views on the right way to train teams, what he sees as the difference between leading and managing, and even some automation tips. 

Take a look at the clip below and stay tuned for additional episodes of Max’s interview with Moolya on Leadership in Testing!


On-screen Interview Prompt: What keeps you motivated in your journey as a tester?

Max: I have been in the software testing space for over 15 over years at this point and for the last 8 years, I have been a consultant. So I have gone to all sorts of different places and I have seen testing done the wrong way, the really really wrong way, and occasionally the right way. Because as a consultant, no one brings you in when everything is working properly.

So, from that you know, I have all this great experience that kind of, “hey, if you do this thing for me maybe we could shift it over in the right way to kind of course correct”. That is one of the really interesting things that I am able to do at TestPros and that I have actually been able to do for the last several years, which is to work with organizations and help them mature their testing overall. Make sure that they are testing the right things and make sure that they are testing things the right way. Because testing is still a huge challenge for most organizations, whether that’s automated, manual, or not testing.

That’s why I am really excited to chat with you a little bit about today about testing and leadership, so that hopefully I can share some little nuggets I have picked up over the years.


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