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Agile, Testing & DevOps Showcase

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While it’s still summer, TestPros is getting ready for the Fall conference season. We’re excited to announce that Max Saperstone was accepted to speak at Agile, Testing & DevOps Showcase, Johannesburg. Max will be giving an account of a prior project he worked on, transforming an organization without any automated testing, into one that was performing continuous testing. Max will tell the story of how a healthcare company striving to get to continuous releases built up their automation to secure confidence in regular releases. Max was able to capitalize on a greenfield test automation opportunity, and in the span of 12 months, develop over 2,000 test cases. A pipeline was created to verify the integrity of the automated tests and build Docker containers for simplified test execution. These containers could be easily re-used by developers and the DevOps team to verify the application. Join Max as he walks through the feedback loop that was created to allow application verification to go from hours to minutes. Max will share his choices of using BDD tooling, integrated with WebDriver solutions, to verify the state of web and mobile applications. Finally, he will cover how functional tests were utilized to assist with security and performance testing and to engage the entire QA team in test creation.


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